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Need More Time When Plastering?

Give yourself the time you need to get the job done. "Extra time" enables you to have more valuable time to get your plaster on your wall/ceiling, reducing the panic of the plaster setting too quickly, before getting to flatten it off. Whether your a beginner, d.i.y. weekend warrior or seasoned pro this can help you out.

Introducing "Extra time". The plaster retarder which allows upto an extra 40 minutes plus, to your plaster setting time. Why would you need more time?

As a trade plasterer who is working full time day in, day out you can often feel that Thursday shoulder creeping in and sometimes a little stretch on the pace wouldn't go a miss. Sometimes for whatever reason we may be carrying an injury which can definitely slow us down or even stop us altogether. Potentially losing us work and money. The plaster won't wait. Maybe you're a man down and the job has to carry on, same pace. Same deadline!

I'm never injured and I'm the fastest 'spread' knowing to mankind! Great! Then double your earnings and mix twice as much in the same time. Adding "extra time" to your mixes will give you double the plaster to work with. So, say you usually mix one bag and take an estimated (generous) 15-20 mins to put on. Why not mix two bags with two sachets of extra time and spread that in 30 to 40 mins! Game on. (Read package guidelines for use) Mix and spread it. Double your productivity and earn more. Great for tackling big jobs, especially when working alone.

There are many myths, legends and magic potions on how to slow down your setting time of your plaster mix. This one for me has been tried and tested with very satisfying results and has helped me out in a number of scenarios. It is a product well worth checking out and one i will always keep in my go-to bag ready for those inevitable tight spots.

Spreading the word of another good product we hope can make your jobs easier and more productive and helping you in achieving your best.

Available in:

5x sachets = £2.80each

10x sachets=£2.46each

20x sachets =£2.23each

£3.99 U.K. Delivery

Also available:

Halftime/Plaster accelerator

The Ying to the Yang.

Good luck with your future projects and thank you for your time.

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