This Is My Trowel, There Are Many Like It... But This One Is Mine!

To every apprentice getting a new piece of equipment handed to you for the first time in any trade that is alien to you, feels strange? But exciting knowing you are entering into a whole new world of what if's?And buts. The mind struggles with doubts to find the answers and your journey begins....

As all tradesmen once started where you are now, at the beginning. Usually the right place to start anything? right? Exactly, so relax a little. You're in the right place. If your reminiscing to the taste of plaster and stingy eyes then you know where I'm coming from. If not? Be ready. You can do it!

Your trowel. Which one should you start with? Everybody has there preference and opinions on which is the best trowel. Here at "Hawk And Trowel" our opinion and experience is that the marshalltown trowel is one of the best on the market for beginning your journey into the plastering world. It is extremely durable and easy to handle and will most likely last you your plastering career. An affordable investment and well worth it. This will be accompanied by many other trowels on your plastering journey and there are many like it, but this one is yours.

click your trowel to invest now.

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