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Is it even possible?

In short...



Providing the tiles are in good contact and none of them are loose or falling off then your good to go. You must use the specialist primer to prepare your surface before plastering to make this even possible as plastering onto tiles alone will cause nothing but failure.The tiles must be washed and dried before applying the primer via the manufacturers  guidelines. The primer is dry and ready to plaster straight onto in 24 hours. Here i had a small kitchen which was fully tiled and the customer did not want the hassle of having to remove the tiles so an ideal situation for our primer to prove its worth.

















The results were great and the finish was as smooth and reliable as ever, resulting in a very satisfied customer. Specific guide lines and conditions must be strictly followed to ensure success when attempting this process.
The product is easy to apply and easily detected if missed or splashed by its distinctive  colour. An excellent product which i also use to cover artex and a variety of other backgrounds when a more solid stable preparation is required.



The picture demonstrate  the contrast between the tiled surface, plastered walls and a nice clean crisp painted finish

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Plastering over tiles: Project
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